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Male, 32, Information Technology
Last update on 2022-05-24


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No gender preference

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From Hong Kong
Occupation Information Technology
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Smoker
  • No children
  • Have pets

Flat requirement

Budget HKD 7000
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Flatmate gender No gender preference
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  • 鰂魚涌

About Ray


🆃🅶: @🅱6⃣🅲7⃣🆃3⃣5⃣🆅

Wanted roommates to share, men and women are not constrained, have a formal position, proof of income

Address is Quarry Bay, near the Taikoo Place. The flat are two-bedroom units and one room is available for rent. The rent is HKD7000 per month which is quite low relativly compared with other flat in the same area. It requires two on one. No real estate commission.Water, electricity and internet bills are shared by 2.

The person will clean up neatly and is an IT professional in a MNC.
It is a stable job and he pay his bill on time. 
There is a cat, a well-behaved relative.

Interested in pm, if you are the one.

ⓣⓖ: @ⓑ⑥ⓒ⑦Ⓣ③⑤ⓥ


地址鰂魚涌,太古坊附近,兩房單位,一房出租,地方淺窄,租金便宜,七千, 兩按一上,無須佣金,水電煤網除二

個人整齊會打掃,有正職, 收入穩定, 有一貓,乖巧親人


🅣🅖: @🅑❻🅒❼🅣❸❺🅥

  • No gender preference
  • Smoker
  • No children
  • Have pets

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